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"Triple Threat" Single Artwork and Missy Announces Ustream on 9/17!


  • "Triple Threat" Single Artwork and Missy Announces Ustream on 9/17!
    September 12, 2012

    Get your first look at the official artwork above for Missy's new track "Triple Threat" ft. Timbaland! Missy will debut "Triple Threat" and the full length "9th Inning" track in her first ever Ustream, this Monday 9/17 at 6:45pm EST with Timbaland! Post your questions for Missy and Timbaland in the comment section below, and keep it locked on to for additional Ustream details coming soon!

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on September 12, 2012

Get your first look at the official artwork above for Missy's new track "Triple Threat" ft. Timbaland! Missy will debut "Triple Threat" and the full length "9th Inning" track in her first ever Ustream, this Monday 9/17 at 6:45pm EST with Timbaland! Post your questions for Missy and Timbaland in the comment section below, and keep it locked on to for additional Ustream details coming soon!

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Ayoo Missy its your girl GETY from Swiss eell us more about your projects with Sharaya # Banji Babez
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Yo Miss, what do you think about Adele? Tim, are you going to executive produce Missy's project?
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Glad both of you r back there any Aaliyah feature on the album ? or any projects concerning Aaliyah in the future?
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Hey Missy, this Reginald. When are you coming to Chicago?... ME AND MY GODBROTHER JONJON.. WOULD STOP BREATHING FOR A SECOND..
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When can be buy "Triple Threat" and "9th Inning" in iTunes store?
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Will "School Bell Ring" be on Missy's album or Tim's album?
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Will There Be A Volume 2 DVD Of The Missy Elliott Videos?
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Whats Up Missy...!!! This Ya Boi Malik (from Raleigh NC) I Was Wondering, "Will You Ever Do Another Reality Show? But This Time Just Having The Camera's Follow You Around As You Lead Up To The Release Of Your Album?"
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Hi, Missy! This is Albert & I have quite a few questions to ask you and Timbaland! 1) Are you going to still name the album "Block Party" or have you gotten new ideas for titles? 2) Who are some artists that you are planning to have on the new album? (either reached out to you or who you always wanted to work with but never got the chance to.) 3) Are you & Timbaland going to perform and/or attend the American Music Awards this year? 4) Will Dave Meyers be directing #9thInning & #TripleThreat? Y'all got CRAZY chemistry! lol 5) Timbaland & Missy, what are you all's thoughts on Canadian R&B singer Keshia Chante and would you all be more than open to work with her in the future? She's DOPE & she's a fan of you all's work/artistry! (PLEASE say YES! lol) 5) Any potential album-release dates for the new albums? 6) What is the promotion looking like for the new era(s)? 6) When will y'all start touring? Will y'all come to Nashville, TN? 7)How do you view the industry today? Do you think it will get better? 8) Will there be a tribute song for Aaliyah & Static on the new album(s)? 9) Missy, you haven't hung up on Janet again like how you did the first time she called you to work with her, did you? lol (It's still funny when you said that, Miss! lmao :D) 10) Missy, what do you do on your off-days when you're not working in the studio, doing videos, etc. When do you have "M.E." time? 11) Missy, have you ever considered releasing an album with just singing on there & another with just rapping? I think that would be dope! ^__^ 12) Are you gonna work with Hi-Hat on your videos? 13) What is something that you haven't accomplished yet but want to accomplish in the future? 13) I TRULY want/need a Brandy, Monica, Missy & Timbaland collaboration, can it happen & will it happen? lol. That's all I have for now & I will more than likely have more comments/questions at 6:45/5:45 PM today! lol LOVE YOU, MISSY!- Albert.
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ISSMAY, ManMan! again... you know we #MEaddicts always like to be creative, we learned that from you. Is it maybe an idea to let us addicts create you next 'single or album' cover?? Or make 1 page collage in the booklet. I think that will be so Dope for all the Creaddicts among us. Or let fans to be a part of you video, just like Onerepublic did with 'Feel again' ?? *Waving&supporting* Hugszu,ManMan! aka Kormanuth Mastail aka @RY8N8VERY
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You will never understand how much you mean to us. To me your music is art, and your life is inspiring. I feel lucky to be on the earth the same time as you. Yes, Im a proud stan.
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Missy! will you be going on tour anytime soon/give the population a chance to see or interact with you in some way? i've never been to a concert and would love for you to be my first - and OMG how i would die for a photo/autograph :) Thanks!
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Haaaaaay Missaaaaay!!! *waves frantically* its Red Martinez ! i wanna kno if you gonna have alotta tracks on the new album like cookbook and the others... when you where gonna drop block party u said there would only be a few tracks. you still doing that with this album xoxoxoxo R. Martinez
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Ok, guys. U left good questions but no one hasn't asked her about DANJA. I'd like to know —"IS DANJA ON HER NEW ALBUM OR TIMBALAND'S SHOCK VALUE III"-
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Ayy MS & Timbo -- here are a few things I would ask if I got the chance to interview you guys personally *drinks water* LOL... >> How did it feel to perform in front of Michael Jackson @ his 30th Anniversary special ?!? >> What was the other option for Miss E…So Addictive (first single) – besides “Get Ur Freak On” ?!? >> Do you and Timbaland regret not having a joint record label ?!? >> Can we still anticipate hearing the track w/ Amy Winehouse ?!? >> What learning lesson will you give Sharaya -- that your previous protégé’s could’ve benefitted from? >> Both of you guys are blessed at spotting superstars – Describe the qualities of 2013’s breakout star… >> (Both...)What would be your ideal endorsement ?!?(Name the Product/Brand) >> What music video – had the hardest choreography ?!? >> Any plans to write a book or venture into screenwriting ?!? >> What was your worst “celeb” fashion moment ?!? >> What moment in your career – did you realize your peers’ really respected your craft ?!? >> What accomplishments are Mama Elliott & Tim's Mom – the most proud of ?!? >> What is your favorite album artwork ?!? >> Which group of ladies were you more nervous to work with – “Not Tonight (Ladies Night)” or “Lady Marmalade” ?!? >> Will the “Back In The Day” music video -- ever see the light of day ?!? **THANK YOU**
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1.What is the album title for your forthcoming album and who will be featuring on it? 2.The person that inspires you to live each day to the fullest would be whom? 3.What is the worst trend you can remember participating in as a teen? 4.What's one character trait you possess that some do not find favorable or likable about you? 5.How many tatts do you have? and whats the meaning behind most of them? 6.If they ever make a film about you who would you like to play you and who would be on the soundtrack? 7.If you were to lose your voice forever tomorrow...what would you say to the world today? 8.What is something you did as a teen that you parents never learned about? 9. What's the craziest dream you've ever had? What's the most recent dream you can remember? 10.What was the happiest moment of your life? 11. How would you like to be remembered? 12. What was your most embarrassing moment? 13. What is your deepest regret? 14. If you could have dinner with any three people from any time, fictional or non-fictional, who would they be and why? 15. If you could be invisible for a day what, where would you go and what would you do? 16. What advice would you give to others in regards to obtaining success, reaching goals, etc ? 17. How were you in school? Did you like anything about school? 18. What is your “killer move” on the dance floor? 19. What song would you be like to be remembered for? 20. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you on stage? 21. Which of your new songs are you proudest of? 22. What’s the craziest thing you’re read about yourself?
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Its Kayla again, i also want to know, if u would ever consider making an r&b album if u decide not to do hip hop albums anymore. your voice is beautiful and i'd love to hear more great r&b collabs from u. PS: i wish i was able to make your ustream. just know i love you!! :)
KaylaD4MsE's picture

Hey Miss its Kayla:) I want to know how many songs will be on the album? will warped be on the album? and will this be your last album?:( i hope not.
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AHHH I could pee a F'ing rainbow. Been waiting for this a good deal of time! CANNOT wait till next Monday, SCORE!!!
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Songs like Put It On Ya or Act A Fool were dope music, in case you don't include them on your new album, will you release them on a mixtape or something like that?
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Will you stick with the "Block Party" title? It's the album coming out this year yet? WE ARE SO HAPPY! :DDDD
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Hello! I want to know when your two new singles will be on iTunes, as well as when the album will be out. I also want to know when Timbaland will release Shock Value III since we've all been waiting for a very long time. Thank you!
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Hey Missy, Wonny here. Earlier this year you told me to expect 10 songs on the album...can I still expect 10 songs or have things changed? Also, I've always wondered if you do freestyle rapping? lol...just curious.
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Sup Missy, First so glad that you back to change the game again. I been rocking with you and timbaland since da basement. I have every one of yours and Timbaland albums, Still play them to this day and cant wait to add your new one to my collection. That 9th Inning track is a beast cant wait to bump you new shhhh-t in the car. I was wondering if you and Timbaland were planning on going on tour and hitting up dc in the near future? That would be one of the best concerts to go see and if y'all brought back some of y'all old crew with you like,Lil mo, Tweet, Magoo, and gineuwine that would be great ticket.
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Hey Missy !! What's the new album title and are we ever going to hear the 'Pussycat' Remix featuring Janet? hugs
Iamthedraft's picture

hey, i wanted to know! will there any new features such as new artists or producers on the album ?
muggz35's picture

will Warped be on your new album or Timbaland's new album?
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Hey Missy an Timbo John-John here.I just want to know.What is the Album Title an the release date for the Album or release month if a date it not picked yet?
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Is a Jill Scott feature/remix or video cameo possible????