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Yes, my name is Nikki. Im from Boston, MA. I love me some Missy, I love me some Tim, I LOVE me some Aaliyah, I love me some Ginuwine ( before Sole lol). I just love the whole team. My stand on music today is that there arent enough original content. Back in the day you had artists on the radio that you could tell apart. NOW its like everyone sounds the same. there is no DISTINCT sound and to be honest its quite annoying. Its gotten to the point that I dont listen to the radio and I just uploaded all of my CD's to itunes and live off my school days until Im blessed with some good shit on the radio. I recently heard Missys Ninth Inning and Triple Threat and I kid you NOT i had chills and goosebumps on my arms and coudlnt stop smiling. I went on itunes and bought both songs and am anxiously awaiting until the album comes out. Just a breathe of fresh air. non of that retro-robotic-wannabe 80's- disco hip POP music. im all set with that! keep this up Missy and Ill be listening to the radio again.
Listen to my ipod, Read my Kindle, watch the Food Network and WE channel. IM a dork and proud of it.
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Aaliyah till I DIE! Missy, Tim and all 90's groups! Jodeci, Silk, PLaya, Jayz, NAs, Queen Pen, Lil Kim, Robin Thicke
United States
Nicole Conward
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Monster Jam 1997 ( first concert ever) Aaliyah and Busta Rhymes performed and it was the best time EVER. I was, what...14 years old lol
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